Scrapple Recipe Cook-Off

It isn't just for breakfast anymore

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Do you cook? What can you make with scrapple? Be Creative!

Can you beat our champions??

They are all undefeated!!!

BRING IT ON!! Come Challenge them!

Previous Entries included: Scrapple - Egg & Cheese Pizza, Scrapple Chili, Scrapple Mac N Cheese, Scrapple & Apple Quiche, Scrapple & Sweet sauerkraut sliders and Scrapple Lasagna, Maple Scrapple Pizza, Scrapple Stromboli, Scrapple Perogies, Scrapple Jerkey, Scrapple Risotto, Scrapple filled corn muffins, Apple Cobbler with Frozen Yogurt and Candied Scrapple Topping and several others.

Other ideas for 2017 may include: Pasta and scrapple meatballs, Scrapple empanadas, Scrapple Stroganoff, Scrapple Shepard’s Pie, Scrapple Ravolo, Scrapple Arancini, Burger with scrapple "bacon" strips, Scrapple and cheese filled Corncakes and the list goes on.

You can enter any dish that features and of the Kirby & Holloway scrapple!

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2014,2015 AND 2016 Winner Professional Division & Best in Show Winner - Dominick Filingeri – Dom’s Pizza & Steaks Winning Dish Scrapple, Egg & Cheese Pizza and Scrapple Stromboli

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2014, 2015 AND 2016 Winner Amateur Division – Paul Rada Winning Dish – Scrapple Chili & Scrapple Jerky.
Can YOU stop a FOUR-peat?

Cash Prizes

The cook-off is open for anyone to enter. Entries will be judged by guest judges and the public.

*Contestants must register by August 29th

*Recipes must be provided by September 12th

Rules are simple: You can make the recipe in advance or at the location. You are responsible for all cooking utentil and equipment needs. Must use the sponsor's brand of Scrapple. 5 to 6 judges samples. then at least 100 small samples for the public to try and then they will vote for their favorites. Cash prizes and trophies awarded as outlined below. All entries must be set up and ready by 11:45AM. Each contestant will be assigned a number based on their arrival time. Begining around Noon we will start the judging in the order assigned. There will be 5-10 minute intervals between each contestant.

    Prizes include:

  • $250 First Place Amateur level
  • $250 First Place Professional Level
  • NEW $250 First Place Age 15 and Under level
  • $250 additional for BEST IN SHOW.
  • $100 Fan Favorite
  • The winner can win a total of $600 if Best in Show AND Fan Favorite.
  • Entries will be judged by guest judges and the public
  • Judges are:

  • Pam George

    Matt Sullivan -

    Priscilla Rakestraw -

    Jack Jefferson, from Sponsor Kirby & Holloway -

  • There are awards for Judges favorite, honorable mention and fan favorite.

Cook-off Registration

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* Professional Winner - Dominick Filingeri, 2014, 2015 & 2016 Amateur Winner Paul Rada 2014, 2015 & 2016 -